I do take into consideration the number your deposit comes in, honestly we work very hard to put the right puppy in the right home.  We try to get it down to 2 pups that would work best for you and your family.                            " AS SHOWN HERE''

I am here for the lifetime of any dogs I breed.  They are always welcome to come home...............no matter what.  We do our very best in our breeding program to produce , healthy, happy, great temperament, beautiful coats to the generation that our doods are.  We have had great results, and yes a few problems( very few).  434-446-6754 anytime!!

This is our questionnaire to be filled out, with references to be considered to have, and love one  of our wonderful Doods.  Please fill out and PDF it back in an email to nauticalgoldendoodles@yahoo.com 

Deposits are non-refundable , but can be used for a future pup.

                   THANK YOU